Model                       :                   Norman 23

Cockpit                    :                   Rear

Year                           :                  1978

Engine & Fuel         :                  Honda outboard petrol

Capacity                   :                  15 hp

Toilet                         :                  Portapotti


In the last six months I have,
spliced ropes, fitted new fenders, re-laid the floor ( the squeaks were quite characterfull but the tipping to one side as you walked not so), re-sealed one front window ( then fitted a tarp in case it didn't work), re-varnished the mast/radio aerial/navigation light thing but forgot the base so looks quite nice if you don't look at the bottom bit, new curtains, new carpets and new table with removable base the wooden affair looked quite complicated but now it's steel, fitted new wiper blade, changed the engine oil in the outboard twice and rebuilt the lower leg of said outboard with new bearings and seals (it was full of water when I checked the gearbox oil). I also got a very nice canopy lady, Dianne to put a new back window in the now very brittle PVC canopy that covers the cockpit.