Model                      :                   Norman 18

Cockpit                   :                   Rear

Year                         :                   1973

Engine & Fuel       :                   Mercury outboard

Capacity                 :                   7.5 hp

Toilet                       :                   Portapotti



We are moored at Goytre Wharf on the Monmouth and Brecon Canal in Gwent, South Wales.
We purchased her approx. 8 weeks ago and she was in desperate need of some TLC  but we knew we could bring her back to life with a bit of hard work & DIY.  Nothing major just mostly tired and well used.
Our first weekend was spent in rubber gloves and with something called "Muck off" (we think that's what the girl in the caravan shop said!!!  And this brought the outside up as new and with new vinyl name plates she was already looking Ship shape and lively again.
Our first trip out we managed to get 200yds before the engine coughed and spluttered and we became the Saturday night entertainment for all the other boaters in the Wharf - how to get a dead boat back to the mooring with no oars was our first lesson!
The next week was spent in the shed cleaning out the engine that had obviously been neglected for a few years - she now runs very sweet.
Next Clive revamped the cockpit - raised the storage boxes for two reason (1) it gave additional seating, (2) it made it easier to get in and out of the boat.  However, it also gave us additional storage space.  He then rewired the lights that had never worked (could be there wasn't any wire in the first place)!!
Moving swiftly to the inside, we purchased some caravan seating via e-bay and I set about altering this to fit Typsy. We are thrilled with the results as the pictures show it has totally transformed her upholstery. The seller of the upholstery even threw in the lined velour curtains to match free of charge and these have now been altered to fit after we have painted the insides.
The old toilet compartment (for dwarfs) has gone.  It is now a half-size cupboard with a worktop on it.  The old kitchen unit has joined the toilet compartment at the local tip and has been rebuilt in a more modern and practical style complete with new sink. These will get painted this weekend.
That's as far as we have got in 8 weeks and I attach a few after pictures - we don't want to remember her as before!
Future plans are that in 2 weeks time she is coming out of the water to have her bottom cleaned and anti-fouled. Then she will have her decks repainted.


A winter of content!!


Tipsy’s progress had gone well over the autumn and early November saw her out of the water for a bottom clean, paint and new gas and petrol boxes fitted.
January saw us moving on to the inside and a personal goal of Easter to complete the project spurred us on.
New pictures have been added so that any prospective DIY’ers can see what can be achieved with sheer determination and a little hard work.  Monetary costs were minimal but the overall finish is luxurious.  ‘Nosing’ at boats for sale ads, gave us the idea of making the kitchen wall into a flap to produce another worktop and now enables us to move the gas hob out into the canopy in finer weather.  It also opens up the boat space to produce a less claustrophobic area.
This week we threw caution to the wind and added a brand new 8hp 4-stroke engine – well you only live once don’t you?
Whereby our original intention was to do her up and sell her on, we have now decided that we will keep her for at least a year before venturing to a bigger boat and similar project – Complete novices but we did it and many other boaters at our moorings have congratulated us on the outcome.  So don’t be put off by a little hard work to produce a boat you are proud of.


Change of ownership

Now added solar panel battery charger and raised the canopy height.

"Tipsy Gypsy" is moored at Goytre Wharf on the MonBrecon canal.
I hae owned her for 3 months and have carried out the following:
Fitted 240 volt electric system to Wharf requirements.
Removed Gas
New microwave
New chiller
New canopy by Hoods & Sails with higher headroom
New rear fenders
I have attached the original sales document with before photoes
and my recent photos of the new canopy