Model                       :                   Norman 29

Cockpit                    :                   Rear

Year                          :                   1975

Engine & Fuel        :                   2 x BMC inboard  diesel

Capacity                  :                   58 hp each

Sterndrive               :                   2 x Enfield "Z" drives

Fridge                       :                  Electrolux

Gas water heater   :                  Yes

Solid fuel stove      :                  Yes

Shower                    :                  Yes

Toilet                        :                   Pumpout

Also has VHF radio.


I purchased the boat last year (2005) in very poor condition, due to the state we bought it in, the best thing for us to do was to strip it back to the shell. We also has to rebuild both outdrives, and the engines also required a lot of work.