Model                       :                   Norman 20

Cockpit                    :                   Centre

Year                           :                  Not known

Engine & Fuel         :                  Not got one yet!

Capacity                   :                 

Fridge                        :                  LPG

Generator                 :                  Petrol

Toilet                         :                   Portapotti

Also has a depth sounder, fishfinder and an alarm.


Just about to start a refit of this boat at Windermere, and and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Focus (soon to be renamed) is currently in dry dock in Wigan while I work on her over the winter, I plan on documenting everything I do, and taking regular photographs so I should be able to keep you well up to date on my progress, any and all assistance will be grateful received, also how can I get my hands on one of those brochure cd's, I'd like to be able to see the interior as it was originally. I've already gotten a few ideas from other peoples pics of their boats and I must say that it was your site that really persuaded me to go ahead with the purchase so thank you,