Model                       :                   Norman 18

Cockpit                    :                   Centre

Year                          :                   1979

Engine & Fuel        :                   Outboard petrol

Capacity                  :                   50 hp

Toilet                        :                   Portapotti


I am an ex army chef who has lived and worked in Germany since 1980 in the town of Winsen on the river Aller. My wife and I have always been interested in the water and boats and last year decided to take the plunge and purchase a boat. We looked around and eventually heard of one that had had the engine stolen and quite a bit of damage done to the controls, steering etc. We had a look and I decided i could repair it myself  so we purchased it. We then joined a local club where one of the German founders informed us that our boat was Norman 18. He also gave us an original booklet in perfect condition  of an identical craft which I will try to scan in for your web site later. As we changed the name of our boat from Bianca to Kerimo we were obliged to christen it  which took place last Saturday 23rd Sept which also involved the whole club taking a day trip out and and on return a BBQ. I will also be placing some of these photo's on the site when I find out how to.


And out on the River Aller