Model                       :                   Norman 18

Cockpit                    :                   Rear

Year                           :                  Mid 1970's

Engine & Fuel         :                  Honda outboard petrol four stroke

Capacity                   :                  10 hp

Toilet                         :                 



‘Elena’ is owned by Steve Cains and Paul Weeks from Bristol.  We purchased the boat from the midlands in 2004 and it was very tired in its condition when we bought her. Both of us needed a summer holiday hobby to keep us out of the way of our wives after the football season. ‘Doing Up’ the boat seemed to fit the bill and relieved us from our boredom and was a valid excuse to spend time on the river 30 metres from two pubs. We are self confessed boating pillocks but love it all the same. Having spent most of the first year improving the cabin and general bits and pieces inside the boat we then pulled it out of the water to decorate and anti foul her.  We also invested in new windows having made sure we put pay to the last lot by cleaning them with Jif.  Not particularly bright but we continue to learn by mistakes!  ‘Elena’ is now in reasonable nick with new upholstery throughout with the only major thing to put right being the canopy which lets her down a little, (any ideas/ contacts would be appreciated!)  ‘Elena’ is moored on the Bristol Avon at the Lock and Weir at Hanham and we are very fortunate to be able to enjoy cruising the River Avon into Bath and downstream to Bristol and the historic docks.  The highlight of the year has to be the Bristol Regatta in July. Ever since we’ve had ‘Elena’ we continue to have some superb laughs and days out it is now enjoyed by our kids Livvy, Wil and Ava and occasionally by the present Mrs Cains and Mrs Weeks, however they continue to worry too much about our haphazard ways.