Model                     :                   Norman 23

Cockpit                   :                   Rear

Year                         :                   Late 1960's?

Engine & Fuel       :                   Johnson outboard  petrol

Capacity                 :                   20 hp

Gas water heater  :                   Yes

Toilet                       :                   Portapotti


We bought this boat in July this year.. needs a bit of work to the interior last owner used it like a static caravan to fish off.
no dinette in he ripped that out so only seating is one chair and the seats where the bed is.
Got a cooker with two rings and oven good condition. stainless steel sink. and looks like original cupboards but they will have to come out according to the wife as they are too small.. the cockpit hasn't been looked after its very untidy and scruffy.  and the engine is probably  as old as the boat.. not sure the boating life is for us yet and we didn't pay to much for her. so we will give her some much longed for TLC and if I decide to sell her once done up I will do so on this website.

We are moored at the Bill fen marina in Ramsey. I am going to do lots to the interior . floor is first, i am taking out the  platform that the Norman has in coz my wife has bad Arthritis and has  trouble walking in such a tiny space. then the area in the bow will be sanded and stained . we are going to board  the inside with nice ply and stain that too. windows well Ill let everyone  know what happens with those. new cabinets in the galley and then the cockpit will be next after I get a  new engine. its all in a bit of a mess at the moment.. we wont be going anywhere till its all done we intend to stick the the middle  levels for now. but we have done nearly all of it last week. as we went for  a cruise with daughter and boyfriend. well most of it we were towed but  we  still went. we set off from Bill Fen up to home fen then up to Floods Ferry, then through  the lock at Priory and  to Upwell and Outwell, then on to Nordelfph, then up  to Salters Lode. there we turned back. we were going to go to Whitlesey but  the engine went and got over heated so we went back to the Bill Fen. and once there we had to rip up the floor as we heard water in the bilges. its all gone now so interior will have a makeover. pics to follow of all the work